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Omni-channels or more accurately an improved multi-channel sales channel. What are these channels and what are their benefits? you can read more about it in our blog about what the benefits of this channel can mean for your organization.

What are Omni Channels?
The omni-channel sales model is a multi-channel approach to sales that focuses on your visitors’ customer experience. This can apply to both offline and online channels. With the omni-channel sales model, the customer is the main focus, the rest basically revolves around it. Customers here experience the brand instead of individual channels in themselves.

Each channel has its own advantages that can be used tactically to meet customer needs in terms of customer experience. The difficulty of switching between offline and online channels must be arranged for the customer in such a way that they can easily orient themselves towards their goal, the purchase of a product or service!

Are omnichannels the future?
An important question to ask for the coming years in order not to lag behind the facts. After going through a hectic COVID-19 period, multiple changes have occurred in the market at different levels. The new “normal” continues to develop and will not be delayed!

Research from Mckinsey & Company shows that about two-thirds of today’s buyers require face-to-face meetings and videoconferencing with sellers. B2B companies deploy multiple channels with uniformity to serve their customers’ diverse needs. This is a favorable trend development for hybrid sellers that does not seem to disappear for the time being.

The top three channels on the rise in the recent period are E-commerce, video conferencing and face-to-face meetings. B2B companies that already use hybrid sales benefit early from the developments within the market. This gives customers the opportunity to determine for themselves which type of interaction they need. Whether this will be the future for various sales methods? You can say it.

What are the advantages?
Believe it or not, there are real benefits that B2B companies experience since adopting omni-channel sales methods.

Customer Experience (Customer Journey)
By mapping out what your customers need at what time, the customer journey of your target group improves. Ease of use is associated with this in which customers do not want to think for themselves, but want it to be done almost for them.

Providing logical touchpoints on the channels you manage is one of the keys to improving your visitors’ customer experience. As soon as these channels flow into each other through the available contact points, the customer will feel more compelled to contact the organization in moments of ambiguity.

Customer loyalty
The moment customers have successfully completed their session in the omni-channel structure, they are more quickly forced to share their experiences with others. This quickly happens on platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook or traditional word-of-mouth advertising.

Data collection
By implementing the right measuring systems, a mountain of information can be gained from the incoming data traffic. Based on the data that comes in, it can be made clear what is needed to apply the optimization for the various channels.

The target groups each have their own expectations as soon as they find themselves in a buying cycle. By monitoring the data, personalization of the needs of the target group can take place, which in turn may lead to a better conversion.

What to do now for your current sales model?
There are many possibilities when it comes to omni-channel selling methods. How can you best optimize your sales model to achieve the best customer journey? Book a free consultation for the possibilities!

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