Why Growleo?

There are so many sales, marketing, software and training agencies that are screaming that they can help you. They are all what you need! But what do you truly want? In the core you want to grow with your company. But where do you start? You start at Growleo. Because Growleo can provide independent advice on different growth strategies and companies that can help your organization with the reinforcement specifically needed to grow your business.

Growleo helps with:

1. Understanding your growth challenge.

2. Building the right growth strategy.

3. Connecting you with the best fitted proposition.

Our 3 promises


Together, we analyze your personal situation and needs. You are then presented with a suitable growth solution.

Freedom of choice

You are presented with several options, fitting your budget and needs. A consultancy fee is possible, but no cure no pay is also negotiable. You retain control over what you choose.

30 Years of experience

You can count on more than 30 years of experience in sales and marketing services at Growleo. Growleo has selected for you the best growth service providers with the best track records and ROI.

Partners of Growleo

What is Growleo

Growleo is a growth platform where you get independent advice on sales in conjunction with digital marketing. At Growleo, you get advice on your value proposition, buyer persona, CRM, cold calling, follow-up marketing, closing techniques, outsourcing, email marketing, growth hacking, recruitment and sales software.

Partners talk about Growleo

Good independent advice!

We are a young but fast-growing company of IT consultants. We have little experience in cold sales ourselves and did not have a long-term sales strategy. Now we do! Growleo has been helping us for several years with advice on sales strategy, target audience and storytelling. They coach and guide us in the follow-up strategy. Growleo acts as a friend and goes out of its way to help our business continue to grow.

Richard van Osnabrugge

Owner | Quatronic

Good independent advice!

I got into a conversation with Martin Weeda through a LinkedIn campaign from Youlynq.me (one of the partners of Growleo). I immediately understood that he is a skilled and experienced sales man and that he intends to help me well. He suggested several propositions and parties based on my story and I ultimately opted for a video campaign from Amplifyre Marketing. I enjoyed being well advised on the various possibilities of recruiting leads. I received a thorough explanation of what could or could not work for MyParcel and why.

Bruno van der planken

General manager | Myparcel

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